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Posted on Feb 21, 2016

CAGS – Lacor Uganda Project Update

CAGS – Lacor Uganda Project Update

Annual CAGS /Lacor Uganda Program report

Submitted by Dr. Ghee Hwang, program coordinator, Feb 2016



We ran the ESS program for the final year students in both in March and October 2015. This time it was on a cost sharing basis with Gulu University coming up with 25% of the cost. I am hoping to implement a 50/50 cost sharing in the new year. You may or may not know that funding is a little shaky and CNIS is still in the midst of negotiating with this new government. As such funding is frozen till further notice. We will try to carry on with our efforts from fundraising.

We will run another ESS in March 2016 with some left over funding from last year’s fund raising efforts but will not have sufficient funds to run the hernia course.

2)Structured hernia courses.

WE also ran 2 SHR courses last year back to back with the ESS courses. The SHR were laid on for Junior house officers. Judging from the candidates’ performances it was definitely needed. We shall endeavour to continue this subject to available funding and volunteers.

I anticipate we will be able to run both the ESS and SHR in the fall.

3) Perioperative Nursing course.

We had a team of nurses accompanying us in October 2016 reinforcing what was previously taught. I am glad to say that they have made an impact and now Lacor Uganda has started their own School of Perioperative Nursing /Technicians.

4) MMed program in Gulu

Gulu university has started their MMed program for post graduate surgical training and has one resident enrolled. Dr. Brian Cameron was there in the fall trying to see if there was a role that CAGS could help in their development of this post grad program. It was felt that they have not reached the stage where could have any meaningful input. Its an evolving situation and I shall keep the committee apprised of any new developments.

5) CAGS volunteers.

Dr. Barbara Leblanc was the CAGS visitor to GULU in March 2015 and help run ESS and SHR courses. There were some hitches with the SHR but overall it went well.

Dr. Michelle Sutter and Dr. Ghee Hwang were the CAGS visitor for October 2015 and also ran ESS and SHR with the local faculty. This time it was much better run.

I did warn Gulu that unless we got more funding our program might be in jeopardy.

I have some funding for the ESS course in March 2016 but not for the SHR. Also I do not have any CAGS volunteer for March. I am hoping to have CAGS volunteers for October 2016 to run ESS and SHR and hopefully we will have some funding by then.


Respectfully submitted.

Dr. Ghee Hwang

CAGS/ Lacor Uganda program coordinator