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CAGS International Surgery Committee

The CAGS International Surgery Committee:

Established in 1998, after a proposal by Dr. Bob Taylor from University of British Columbia, the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS) established an International Surgery (IS) committee to raise awareness among members of the surgical needs in developing countries and to facilitate participation of interested members and organizations that in these countries, to improve the provision of surgical care.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Communication to CAGS members about surgical needs in the developing world.
  • Facilitate participation by CAGS members who are interested in the developing world.
  • Develop recommendations for general surgery resident education in the needs and educational strategies to prepare general surgeons for work in the developing world.

Membership 2016:

Gwen Hollaar, University of Calgary, Chair International Surgery Committee,         
Brian H. Cameron,  McMaster University, Hamilton,
Dan Deckelbaum, McGill University,
Ghee Hwang, Kelowna, BC,
Jon Just, Kamloops, BC,
Ken Foster, Parry Sound, Ontario,
Randall Friesen,
Lisa Knowlton, University of Toronto,
James Campbell, website editor CAGS-IS site, Orillia, Ontario,
Rachel Rae, resident representative, University of Ottawa,
Marius Hoogerboord, Dalhousie University,
Vanessa Fawcett, U of Alberta,
Ron Lett, Founder and International Director, Canadian Network of International          Surgery (CNIS)