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Posted on Oct 8, 2013

Global Anesthesia Iniative

Global Anesthesia Iniative

Dalhousie University Department of Anesthesia has become a Canadian centre of interest and excellence in international surgery.

The annual “Anesthesia for Global Outreach Course” brings Canadian and international specialists together to focus on many practical issues of providing the highest level of anesthesia care with the least expensive and most robust forms of technology.  It is an excellent preparation for anesthetists before working in low resource countries.

(From this site)  “Globally, about 234 million major surgical operations are conducted each year. In some regions, anesthesia-related mortality is as high as 1 in 150 patients receiving general anesthesia. Safe surgery requires safe anesthesia, which can only be delivered if sustainable, high-quality training and resources are available.

Appropriate surgical care contributes to reductions in mortality rates from traffic accidents, conflicts and natural disasters, and anesthesia is an essential component of surgical care. A lack of health professionals trained in anesthetic care can prevent much-needed surgery from happening at all or compromise the quality of surgeries that do take place.”

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