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Guyana Project

Guyana Project

CAGS surgeon visitors to Guyana
before 2005: Dr. R. Taylor
2005: Dr. B. Cameron, Dr. J. Barnhill
2006: Dr. B. Cameron, Dr. S. Chia, Dr. W. Harris, Dr. R. Lett, Dr. J. Barnhill
2007: Dr. B. Ostrow, Dr. B. Cameron, Dr. A. Abraham, Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. Y. Ying
2008: Dr. P. Willard, Dr. R. Taylor, Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. W. Yakimets, Dr. J. Just,
Dr. W. Harris, Dr. G. Hwang, Dr. B. Cameron
2009: Dr. B. Ostrow, Dr. O. Henao (with Dr. A. Okrainec by teleconference), Dr. B. Cameron, Dr. F. Huang, Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. R. Mimeault, Dr. R. Lett, Dr. Y. Ying, Dr. P. Willard
2010: Dr. D. Mercer, Dr. B. Cameron, Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. J. Just, Dr. G. Hwang, Dr. GWN Fitzgerald, Dr. W. Harris
2011: Dr. K. Narine, Dr. P. Willard, Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. W. Pollett, Dr. G. Hwang, Dr. M. Sayal, Dr. J. Miller, Dr. K. Bailey, Dr. R. Lett, Dr. B. Cameron
2012: Dr. R. Fairfull-Smith, Dr. W. Yakimets, Dr. N. Bauman, Dr. K. Bailey, Dr. B. Cameron
2013: Dr. W. Harris

2013 UPDATE of the CAGS-Guyana Project:

* Dr. Nick Bauman (Orillia) has taken over the Co-ordinator role for this project. Interested CAGS members should contact him.

* 28 Canadian surgeons have visited Guyana since the project started in 2005, most for 2-3 weeks, and many for repeated visits. Dr. Robin Fairfull-Smith (Ottawa) served as external examiner for 6 years.

* A memento and tribute of thanks was given to CAGS by the Guyana Institute for Health Sciences, and then presented to CAGS President Dr. Ralph George in March 2012.

* 14 Guyanese surgeons have graduated with a PG Diploma in Surgery from the University of Guyana. All were promoted to Registrar level.

* 11 graduates are working in the public health system in Guyana – 3 at regional hospitals. 3 graduates are pursuing additional postgraduate training in the Caribbean through the University of the West Indies.

* 3 graduates visited Ontario for clinical fellowships in Thunder Bay, Ottawa and Toronto, with 2 more scheduled for fellowships in Hamilton in 2013.

* The CAGS-Guyana Diabetic Foot Care Project under the leadership of Dr. Brian Ostrow (Guelph) recently completed its CIDA-funded 3 year project ($500,000).


University of Guyana PGDip Surgery graduates and residents, November 2009 (L-R, with year of graduation): Drs. Allan Tinnie (08), Kishore Persaud (10), Carlos Martin (08), Roy Samlall (10), Rajendra Sukhraj (09), Navindra Rambaran (08), Bob Ramnauth (10), Shilo Rajkumar (08), Vishal Mahadeo (09), Chris Prashad (09) and Shawn Legall (08). Missing are Ravi Motilall (09), Hemraj Ramcharran (11) and Tamesh Algu (12)