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Medicins Sans Frontieres – Somalia

Medicins Sans Frontieres – Somalia

Medicins Sans Frontieres – Somalia
“… Fear of this type of setting combined with the inertia that exists in an established surgical practice would tend to keep one at home. This anxiety can be reduced in several ways …”
“My experience in Somalia was one of the highlights of my professional career…”
Dr. Patrick Whelan

Read Dr. Whelan’s full article in the Spring 2008 CAGS newsletter, page 10

Also Dr. John Barnhill has been with MSF in Somalia; here are his comments and a photo:
“From December 2007 to February 2008 I worked with MSF Swiss as surgeon in Beletweyne, Somalia.   Through MSF (Medcins sans Frontieres) our security concerns were well looked after and we were able to provide a high level of service to an area of extreme and acute need.
My responsibilities there included training Somalia national staff, assessing and planning facilities and capacity, some elective surgery and much urgent surgery.  Primarily, we  dealt with obstetrical emegencies, trauma from gunshots and blasts.   Unfortunatley most of those injured were children.
The project was very rewarding and heartening despite the difficult circumstances.  The evolution and change facilitated by our efforts goes far beyond the objective improvements in health indicators, as our interactions show human connection beyond the limitations of the barriers that make these isolated populations feel forgotten.”