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Medicos en Accion

Medicos en Accion


Medicos en Accion is a Kamloops based charitable organization with members from around the world that travel to Guatemala for two to three weeks each year at the end of January/early February, and also to The Gambia west Africa.  Visit website: Medicos en Accion

Guatemala Project

We have three components to our work in Guatemala.   The largest part of our team goes to Antigua and performs surgical procedures (general surgery, gynecology, ENT and occasionally plastics) as well as a hearing clinic team that does hearing testing and fitting and supply of hearing aids. We have a smaller surgical team that goes to Patzun and performs general surgery and gynecology. The third part of our team is a medical team that does outreach clinics to villages near Lago Atitlan providing public health and primary care as well as interacting with the local health care providers.

Our team consists of surgeons, physicians, anesthestists, OR nurses, PAR nurses, public health nurses and support staff.  The project here has been led by Dr. Rod Cameron, of Ottawa,

Gambia Project

The project in the Gambia started in 2009 and has been going once a year (and will expand to twice a year in 2014) to this small West African country. “Surgical services in the country have been very limited and we are helping them build the surgical services at Serrekunda Hospital. We have been concentrating on teaching while providing general surgical, endoscopic, orthopedic and pediatric surgical services. Our aim is to build capacity and work with the Gambian people to meet their needs and goals as well as to have the hospital functioning at a higher level so that as young Gambian surgeons copmplete their surgical training out of country, they can return to a surgical service that allows them touse the skills they have acquired.”

“In addition to working with nurse anesthetists and OR/PAR nurses in the theatres, we have been working with those that clean and sterlize instruments as well as the nurses on the wards. We have also been working a lot with their maintenance staff to build up their CSD and kitchen as well as train and assist them in all the areas of maintenance (air conditioning, generator, incinerator, etc). There is great need but also great potential in this long term project. We have also been liasing with a Dutch team that has started going there as well.”

View this video to learn more:

The Gambia lead is  Dr. Jon Just, general surgeon, Kamloops, B.C.



Photos from Medicos en Accion